SmartConnect – A Smart Connectivity Tool for Smart Facilities Management

What is SmartConnect?

Incepta’s SmartConnect helps collect data, provide insights, and outlooks on smart building management leveraging the full potential of transformative technologies such as 5G, AI and IoT that can revolutionize smart energy management, including lighting, power supply, smart meters, HVAC and wireless power.

Leverage the power of API to build a foundation for data storage, data sharing, analytics of all sensory data related to environment and energy consumption driving towards achieving sustainability goals.

SmartConnect for Hospital Infrastructure

SmartConnect is An API Driven tool that enables connectivity with various systems and devices. It collects data, provides insights and outlooks on smart building management for hospital infrastructure, commercial and residential building complexes. It leverages the full potential of transformative technologies such as 5G, AI and IoT that can revolutionize smart energy management, including lighting, power supply, smart meters, HVAC and wireless power.

SmartConnect does all this by leveraging the power of APIs to build a foundation for data storage, data sharing, analytics of all sensory data related to environment and energy consumption achieving sustainability goals.

The Current Scenario in Healthcare Facilities

In a typical healthcare environment, systems are scattered like a big mesh and they need to connect with each other This often leads to a very complex landscape of systems that is very brittle to failure, hard to monitor and also creates a tight dependency on many other systems.

The automated reminder system does not require any additional modification to existing systems or workflow. It connects directly with the existing applications and updates the data real-time thus removing the time and effort require to update re-scheduling data manually. The system is flexible to be added with other add-on features like text reminders or connecting with other third party calendar and scheduling cloud softwares.

The RMS application was build on DOT NET Framework that could automatically import csv list of callers and perform data sanitization before creating a caller list queue and connecting with the Truilio Cloud VOIP platform to make calls.

Using SmartConnect you could build the ability to access energy consumption data (updated every minute, quarter hourly, hourly, and daily), and forecast building electrical demand based on historical data, or track device-level energy usage from a single circuit.

SmartConnect APIs can then be allowed to be used by third party companies to create dashboards that shows energy usage, power quality, and equipment health in real time or other analytics. Access to APIs can be limited by access and credentials with some being offered as only a paid service.

Current IT Implementation Scenario in Healthcare Facilities

And if you add new systems down the line – each integration becomes as difficult as the last one. The integration becomes hugely complex and daunting. As a result just like other business entities, healthcare decision makers end up with an eco system that are disconnected. Often they spend time just to keep the current system operational instead of innovating and all these results to negative financial and customer implications.

This gives rise to the classical IT budget conundrum of whether to invest on more technologies or just sustain with what exists. Nine out of 10 (91%) IT decision makers believe that unsuccessful digital initiatives will negatively impact revenues in the future. The situation is getting even worse when we find that a whole slew of new age technologies (IoT, Mobile, Big Data, Cloud) that are becoming mainstream in every other industry.

How do we solve this gap?

One logical way to solve this gap is by increasing reuse and consumption and by implementing an approach that will allow you to adopt innovation. By implementing a platform that will take capabilities outside of core IT and technical team.

Introducing SmartConnect – Built using the MulseSoft API Framework SmartConnect enables inter connectivity across all your systems and devices thus enabling organizations to continue working with existing infrastructure and yet leverage the power of digital innovation through data connectivity.

SmartConnect at work at an OPD facilitiy in a Leading Healthcare Facility in Canada

The following diagram demonstrates how different devices in an Out Patient Department can be connected via the SmartConnect system.

Why SmartConnect?

By building an API driven strategy for organizations using multiple systems (legacy or otherwise) they can start laying a foundation for data storage, data sharing and analytics of all sensory and application data. Furthermore, organizations now can plan to design smart apps based on the shared data from multiple sources to create pro-active intelligence driving efficiency in service and product delivery, enriching customer experience and driving loyalty.


APIs offer a host of opportunities from simple revenue increases to creating commercial partnerships or even extending functionality and encouraging product innovation for both businesses and governments. Right from building smart cities to creating digital bridges across organizations APIs are paving the way in today’s digital innovation culture. While the API economy is flourishing, it is yet to reach its full potential with media, finance and real estate companies adopting API focused strategies and business models to drive innovation in their organizations.

Incepta’s 4-Level API Service Offering

We at Incepta Solutions specialize on digital transformation consultancy and services for organizations across industries and verticals. The various service offerings are listed as below:

API and Integration Consulting and Strategy
Incepta can help develop a roadmap and plan by studying current organization processes and identify areas of opportunity where API integration can drive efficiency and productivity.

Integration Solution Architecture
Incepta’s team of experienced Integration architects will help develop a comprehensive and scalable architecture that meets organizational business needs while remaining cost-effective, leveraging the power of the MuleSoft – the leading Integration Platform for APIs. Incepta is proud to be a preferred partner to MuleSoft.

Comprehensive Integration Services
Incepta builds Integration and API Management solutions in a manner that accelerates time-to-value and ROI. Incepta helps connect key systems, eliminate silos, and enable access to the right information both inside and outside the organization, enabling new and legacy systems to connect and coexist.

API Development Services
Incepta’s team of experienced developers and architects can help build and optimize business processes and data flows. In addition Incepta can help develop new APIs and user interfaces, conduct testing, and ensure best practices are followed at every step.

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