Multi-Platform Integration with Intelligent Automation

The Need for a Common Integration Platform

In today’s world organizations are increasingly using a variety of specialized applications each dedicated to automate a particular work process. This gives rise to the need of a common Integration Platform that can provide the foundation for communicating with multiple applications designed by different vendors. The Workato iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) provides the foundation to build and design connecting bridges between multiple vendor applications for creating automated workflows for the modern day enterprise.

Workato provides the ability to connect with cloud based or on-premise applications like Salesforce, SAP, Zendesk, Slack and create business events that can trigger a set of actions on other platforms. For example in an event of a customer raising a support ticket on Zendesk, Workato can trigger an event that will automatically open a ticket in JIRA for the support team to process the request. On completion of the request, a trigger can be sent to create an invoice via InvoiceCloud. Such events, triggers and subsequent actions across different apps provide the organization with seamless connectivity reducing the need to update and move data from one platform to another. The triggers and actions which are invoked when a particular event takes place are called Workato Recipes.

Incepta & Workato

Incepta specializes in creating Workato Recipes by understanding the current processes in an organization by choosing cloud apps which are best suited for specific
roles and creating the Workato Recipes which allow for smooth connectivity between applications. Here are a few case studies on how Incepta can help organizations
automate their workflow using Workato Recipes.

Salesforce & Chargify Connectivity

For companies who operate on a subscription model with recurring billing, Chargify is one of the popular choices when it comes to cloud based billing and subscription platforms. Companies dealing with 1000s of customers usually maintain their customer data in a CRM platform like Salesforce. The challenge lies in the fact that whenever a new customer subscribes or cancels their subscription, the company needs to update their record in Salesforce to stay in-sync with the customer data. Information like the type of subscription customer has chosen, renewal dates, changes in customer data needs to be updated in real-time in the Salesforce CRM database.

Multiple Workato Recipes designed to connect with Chargify and in the event of a subscription, renewal or updation trigger specific actions which will update the data in Salesforce. In this case the recipes could be:

  1. Update Salesforce whenever there is a change in the subscription plan on Chargify
  2. Update Salesforce whenever there is a subscription cancellation or refund on Chargify
  3. Update Salesforce whenever a customer edits their information on Chargify
  4. Whenever there is a new subscription, update Salesforce with customer information and the plan chosen

By syncing the data seamlessly into Salesforce the organization can now get a 360 degree view of their customer base. Reports like how many customers are on trial
plan, how many closed their accounts, how many converted to a paid plan can be fetched instantaneously.

AI Enabled Workflow Automation

Workato can be used to connect with AI Platforms like IBM Watson or Salesforce Einstein to bring intelligence to an organizations workflow.

For example, an organization looking to analyze the sentiment of their customers in a service or follow-up call can design an intelligent workflow using Workato Recipes that connects with a cloud based Service Call App (eg: Twilio or Ring Central) and send the transcript for sentiment analysis to IBM Watson.

The call intelligence data derived from IBM Watson can be updated on Salesforce CRM for the Service Account Manager to analyze sentiments of their customers and take decisions based on the intelligence gathered.

AI Enabled Identity Verification

In todays’ global world, movement of people have quadrupled over the last 20 years giving rise to increasing security issues. Even at an organizational level, every new employee is background verified before being on-boarded.

There are several cloud based apps which provide identity verification services (eg: Trulioo) which are constantly updated based on latest incidents of fraud, crime and financial behavioral data of an individual.

Workato can provide a connectivity service between the identify verification app and the CRM platform, raising alerts for any changes in an individuals trust factor. This can have a tremendous impact on trust and safety not just for an organization but also for their customers.

There can be 1000s of use cases both present and futuristic which can have a tremendous impact on an organizations performance and customer experience.

Incepta with its experienced consultants can help organizations identify potential areas where automated and intelligent workflows can be designed powered by the next generation tools like Workato, Mulesoft, Automation Anywhere and UIPath.

Integration & Automation are the two most sought after services in todays multi-app, self-aware and connected environment. We are truly entering the era of Intelligent Automation.

Ready. Set. Integrate.